Your body is unique
Why shouldn’t your approach to health be the same?
I help you to cut through the diet fads & influencer-fueled campaigns to bring you coaching that works with your unique body & mind so you can achieve the victory you know you’re capable of.


So, How Can I Help You Be Victorious?

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1:1 Private Coaching

Ready to break old patterns, drop the self-sabotaging behaviors, & commit to transforming your health from the inside-out?

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Change can be scary sometimes, but you don't have to do it alone! Join the virtual community to get the support and encouragement you need in your health journey.

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Self-Guided Online Courses

Learn how to improve various aspects of your health, but at a pace that serves you best!

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Done-For-You Meal Plans & Meal Prep Guides

Done-for-you meals plans & workbooks to help you crush your health & nutrition goals.

I Need a Coach I Can Trust & See Results With

Specialized Private & Group Training (Naperville)

We offer private and group fitness training to help you learn your body and elevate your fitness routine, education, and goals.

Client Praise

Hear from my clients!

Are you an ambitious business owner who is ready to finally find an approach to managing their health & weight that works FOR them and not AGAINST them?

cough cough... unlike keto... cough cough

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Do you ever feel...

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like you spend all your time helping others

but depleted and defeated at the end of the day?

like you’ve tried a thousand-and-one different diets and techniques

but still have no clue how to actually feel comfortable in your own skin?

you just wish you had someone you could lean on

to guide you to the health and mental clarity you need to live your most successful & balanced life?

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I have an important message for you…
You’re not the problem.
The Wellness Industry is. 

Hi, I'm Victoria!

I'm a Professional and Certified Life and Health Coach who has been on a mission to help my clients get off the hamster wheel and onto their own fast track to victory.

With years of studies, client successes, and coaching education under my belt, I am dedicated to making a successful life a reality for all of my clients. It’s time that you are looked at as a whole being, not just a number on a scale, a diagnosis, or a procedure code.

I take an empirical, no-bullshit approach to understanding the many complexities of our health, and boil them down into tried-and-true frameworks for you to apply to your own journey.

If you’re fed up with feeling out-of-control in your health, or powerless in portions of your life, I think it’s time we talk.

Now is your time to be victorious.

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"I was able to view my health & life through a completely different lens..."


I've really enjoyed working with Victoria as she is very personable and gives off a lot of positive energy. She asks a lot of questions that prompt you to really get to the core of what is holding you back, and then provides you the guidance to create action to move forward differently. Beyond that, she takes a personal interest in what you're doing and what is going on in your life, which encourages your involvement and you become partners in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Registered Nurse, Writer, Artist

"Working with Victoria has been a total game-changer for me and I'm forever grateful!"


Victoria offers so much more than you would ever expect from a health coach because the experience is personalized to each individual - meeting them where they are at and aligning them with where they want to be. Now I feel so confident in my ability to know and feel what health and wellness looks like for me. I feel much more in tune with my body and mindset and can recognize when and how to rest, play, exercise, eat, sleep, etc in a way that works best for me, my body and my lifestyle.

Dina K.
Occupational Therapist, Business Owner

"It has been a life-changing experience..."


Once I started working with Victoria, I started to feel in control of my life again. I began to understand the concept of self-care and how to implement it. I started to lose weight in a way that was sustainable and that focused on building foundational habits. I've even been able to manage my relationships better in my personal and work life, setting better boundaries to stay aligned with my goals.

Karyn O.
Business Owner, Healthcare PR Strategist, Storyteller

"Nothing like what I'd encountered before..."


I've lived with chronic illness for many years which led to weight gain and a fatty liver. I was nervous about attempting weight loss again because I'd tried and failed so many times in the past. Victoria's approach is NOTHING like what I'd encountered before. I felt supported more than ever before.

Brian K.
Business Owner, Social Worker

"Soooo worth your time and money!"


Before working with Victoria - I was feeling depressed, sedentary and just unable to motivate myself to live an active life. Once we began our work together, I started to feel more empowered each week as I completed my 'bite-size' weekly action plans. I am now starting to feel more positive about my body each day. If you are considering working with Victoria, let me tell you, it is soooo worth your time and money! She is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, organized, practical, and focused.

Suzanne M.
Spanish Teacher, Language Extraordinaire, Life Enthusiast

"I lost weight while still being able to eat the food that always loved to eat."


After one week of working with Victoria, I lost 5-6 lbs while still being able to eat the food types that always loved to eat. She takes a very holistic approach in terms of customizing a plan based individual needs, preferences and goals. Additionally, she would check in with me via our weekly scheduled calls in which she was able to provide me with her expertise on an ongoing basis.

Michael T.
Financial Advisor

"Every aspect of my life has been impacted..."


Victoria can see things you may miss yourself and help you navigate through areas you feel stuck in. Every aspect of my life has been impacted in one way or another by the coaching sessions I’ve had with Victoria. This has impacted my relationships, body image and the way I think about day to day life. Less anxiety and more joy in life.

Rachel D.
Personal Trainer

"My entire outlook changed!"


Victoria’s programs have changed my entire outlook on healthy lifestyles! It’s not just fad diets and detoxes, but a way of living that is genuinely manageable and true to you.

Melissa S.
Registered Nurse

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Personalized Health & Life Coaching to create sustainable change & long-term transformation of the mind, body, & spirit.

It’s time you paved your OWN unique path to Victory - not someone else’s.


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Using your personalized roadmap, you’ll be able to focus on just the essential skills needed to help you move forward consistently.

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You’ll be able to release & replace limiting beliefs & self-sabotaging behaviors & create a VICTORIOUS mindset that will leave you motivated and inspired.

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