Review of The Solo Tib Bar from The Tib Bar Guy

October 26, 2022

A Little Background...

As some of you may know, I went through my first ACL reconstruction in May of 2020, and then suffered from a fracture of my kneecap 14 days post-op. So my knee was in pretty bad shape for most of that year.

I completed PT, and even worked with a strength and conditioning coach to get back to playing sports more regularly - but despite all that, my knee didn't feel back to 100% yet - even close to 2 years post-op.

But then, a friend had told me about this new program from someone called The Knees Over Toes Guy, and I was intrigued. I looked into the program, and it sounded like something that could help me get back to 100% pain-free movement in my knee.

Once I started the program, I realized there was a huge emphasis on working a muscle that neither my physical therapist nor my strength coach had brought to my attention - the Tibialis Anterior.

Benefits of Training Your Tibialis Anterior

The Tibialis Anterior is a muscle that runs through the front of your lower leg, and is commonly the one you feel the most if you've ever had shin splints before. It's responsible for the dorsiflexing the foot (raising your foot up towards your shin) and the inversion and eversion of your foot-ankle complex.

So that's all cool info, but how can training this muscle actually help improve athletic performance and decrease the susceptibility to having knee pain or knee injuries? Here's a brief run down of the benefits:

  1. Training your tibs allows you to have better balance and coordination. Since the Tibialis Anterior is responsible for controlling a lot of the motions of the ankle, then the more strength you build there will only help you to better be able to control your foot and ankle complex - thus creating a more stable and balanced foundation.
  2. A strong set of tibs helps to take some force off of your joints during deceleration. If you're in a sport that requires fast speed changes, having strong tibs is going to help you decelerate more efficiently and with less force traveling up the knee
  3. Having strong tibs can help to absorb some of the landing forces put on your knees when landing a jump - which again, will protect the knees from injuries.

How The Solo Tib Bar Molds Stronger Tibs and Ankles

For most of the duration of doing The Knees Over Toes Guy program (aka the ATG program) - I had been doing standing tib raises to train my tibialis muscles. However, I felt like I wasn't really able to get the full range of motion that I needed to work my tibs to the fullest capacity. Thankfully, the Tib Bar Guy was kind enough to send me a Solo Tib Bar to try out - and MAN has it made a world of difference.

First things first, this piece of equipment is SO well made. I was very impressed when I received this. It has a durable steel construction, high-quality ratchet strap, a weight clamp, a nice loading bar for weights, and it can even hold up to 100lbs (which is A LOT considering I'm still only at 10-15lbs for solo tib raises).

Secondly, I love that I'm able to train one leg at a time. Since going through surgery (and having several calf injuries), I definitely have some strength discrepancies between both of my tibs. Having the Solo Tib Bar makes it really easy to give a little extra TLC to my weaker leg and build in some extra sets and reps to help that side catch up to my stronger leg.

And last but not least, the Solo Tib Bar is also great for training your ankle mobility and strength! Because it's only attached to one foot, you're able to not only do the standard "dorsiflexion" movement involved in a tib raise, but you can also do ankle circles with the tib bar to build a stronger ankle in all planes of motion! Gotta love that.

Interested in getting your own Solo Tib Bar? Grab one here!

Want a more extensive review + a chance to see the solo tib bar in action? Watch my full review video on YouTube here!

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