Portion sizes for women

December 7, 2021


Done right, it's a great way to honor your hunger between meals.

❓But did you know❓ with snacking, there's no "one size fits all" rule to follow? 🤔

Yes, there's "serving size" suggestions on that bag of trail mix, but we all have INDIVIDUAL BODIES with INDIVIDUAL NEEDS which that bag of trail mix cannot determine or adjust its suggestion based off of.

✨Only you can do this.✨

Disregarding that "serving size" suggestion and instead determining your own ideal portion of a food based off your body needs is a step in the right direction when it comes to snacking.

Factors like

✅ height

✅ activity level

✅ and hormone fluctuations...

...all play into finding the right portion size of a snack.

And some of these can change daily! One day you might find yourself extra hungry and in need of more snacks while you many be less hungry on other days where you can skip the extra snack.

Building a high level of trust with your body will help you to be able to be confident in determining the right portions for yourself each day!

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