On getting sh*t done

March 23, 2021

Oftentimes the buildup and anticipation of doing a task can create this idea that it is harder than it might actually be. The pressure of it hanging over your head for too long can skew your perception making it seem 10x more agonizing to complete. 😫

Maybe it's that pile of dishes that is overflowing in the sink. 🍽️

Or that doctors appointment you've been meaning to schedule. 🧑⚕

It can even be sitting down and having that conversation with your partner about something important. 👫

While feeling some pre-task anxiety is ok and perfectly normal, letting yourself dwell on it too much and for too long will not serve you. The only thing it will accomplish is giving yourself more time for excuses and discomfort which will make you feel even less able or inclined to take action.

When you complete those tasks that lie in your path and reflect upon them, you'll probably notice that they actually weren't as terrible as you thought. Sometimes you are the only one standing in your way. 🤔😊👍❤️

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