How to live a more energized life

March 23, 2021

Energy! The seemingly unattainable essence that we always find ourselves wishing we had more of. Who wouldn't want more energy?! We would be able to feel capable of tackling so much more each day if we just had more energy. πŸ™ŒΒ 

Guess what? You have the ability to provide more for yourself each day! How? Let me explain. πŸ™‹

Energy is multi-faceted. It isn't only impacted by your physical activity. Your emotional and overall mental state also directly impacts how much energy you have. Pay close attention to the correlation of your mental state and how your body feels. You will notice how closely linked the two are. πŸ”—Β 

There are things in your life that are either zapping your energy away or granting you more. Identifying these factors and habits can really help you zoom in and take a look at how they affect you and your energy levels. πŸ“Š

By trading some of your energy-zapping habits for energy-granting ones, you'll create a net surplus of energy for you to feel better and conquer your day! They can be simple fixes that will make a world of a difference. Check them out in the chart! πŸ“ˆ