Feeling Overwhelmed?

December 7, 2021

It's something many of us deal with: You've got a full week of work, grinding through those busy days and event packed weekends. Coming home each night you find all your chores still lurking, waiting to be finished. But you're so exhausted and it becomes overwhelming to even think about the effort needed to complete these tasks. A bad mood takes over and you lose the desire and motivation to finish your domestic responsibilities. 😫 Who can relate? I definitely can! 🙋

Is there any way to make this easier? Yes! A simple mindset change is all that's needed and suddenly these piled up chores become a lot less daunting. What's this secret?? 🤔

➡️You don't have to finish anything all at once.⬅️

Need to clean your car? On Monday you can unload any trash from inside. Tuesday do some vacuuming and wiping down the surfaces. Wednesday hit that car wash on your way home. Done! 🚗✅

Painting a room in your house? One day to move furniture from the wall, one to do the taping and covering, one for painting, and one to remove the tape and slide everything back into place. Done! 🎨✅

How about all that laundry piled up? Just do one load a day until it's done. 🧺 ✅

General house cleaning? One room per day and multi-room work like vacuuming for one day by itself.🧹✅

Once you utilize this tip I bet you will find that you'll have much more free time than you thought and completing a chore will bring more satisfaction and less exhaustion.😊 

You can still be accomplished without running yourself into the ground working on chores for hours after a long hard day. Just take a breath, break it up, and soon that mountain of chores will transform into a manageable efficient system of upkeep that leaves you with more space to relax and less doom over your head. You got this!👍🙌

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